Sanja Sikoparija is a futures artist completing her Doctorate in Fine Arts. Her previous educational experience includes a double master’s from University of Copenhagen and University College Cork in Sustainable Development and Food Policy, and a B.Sc. in Human Nutrition from UBC, Canada. This makes Sanja a practicing artist with extensive expertise in sustainability, food systems, nutrition, EU policy, and agriculture research and data analysis techniques. 

With hands-on experience as an EU nutrition, sustainability and food policy researcher, and in film and art, Sanja has excelled in hands-on science-driven art and research.  Through her professional career, she has had the opportunity to develop complex studies, and has worked with  detailed EU data, responding to the questions of reducing carbon footprints, increasing sustainability, the roles of food in holistic human well-being, and issues of food value chains on the environment.

Sanja creates immersive audio-visual installations that explore the transects between biology, data, and art in order to enact individual and societal change and open avenues for discussion and innovation. 

Sanja has published books and papers, and has exhibited several works in her field.

Her recent works include Stranded, a sculptural and digital photography installation exploring DNA and consumerism, Raw Reverberation, a sculpture on interspecies communication, and Living Data, a collection of immersive and interactive digital and physical sculptures.

Sanja’s work features rarely seen, intimate, interactions that question sustainability, development, loci of motivation, and anthropocentric relationships